OpenDingux for RS-90 release 2020.10.04

Here is a new OS update for the RetroMini (RS-90). Note that it may very well be the last update for this handheld, since it is pretty much feature-complete, and as far as I can see, pretty much stable too.


  • Based on Linux v5.9-rc7 and Buildroot 2020.08.
  • Fixed out-of-memory issues at boot.
  • Fix overall performance issues of the 2020-01-06 release.
  • Added support for paletted 8bpp.
  • Added support for the IPU. Only multi-planar YUV 4:4:4 can be used. This pixel mode can be used in SDL1 by calling SDL_SetVideoMode with bpp=24 and SDL_YUV444 set in the flags.
  • Fix quick key presses being missed.
  • ExFat-formatted SD cards are now supported.
  • zram swap now uses LZO as the compressor. It seems to be the one that gives the best performance overall.
  • And lots of cleanups that aren't noteworthy enough to appear on this list.

Download links

The update OPK can be downloaded here: OpenDingux 2020-10-04 update OPK.
You MUST be running the 2020-01-06 release to run the update.

An updated toolchain can be downloaded here: OpenDingux 2020-10-04 toolchain.
After extracting the toolchain, be sure to run the script, so that it can work from the directory you extracted it to.

  1. #1Slaanesh, 04 Oct 2020

    Great job with this! With this update the RS90 is now a really useful gaming and emulator platform thanks to the IPU and paletted 8-BPP support. Thanks to you and the others involved in OpenDingux and the labor of love that this surely represents.


  2. #2John, 05 Oct 2020

    Спасибо за труды, глядя на то что вы делаете понимаешь что нужно еще многому научиться.


  3. #3Ninoh-FOX, 08 Oct 2020

    Thanks!! looking forward to trying it this weekend !!


  4. #4Georgy, 09 Oct 2020

    It seems mass storage mode is broken on Win7, at least while working with internal storage. Whenever I try to copy a file to internal storage it just does nothing, showing “Copying…” dialogue. After cancelling - the device goes missing in drives list (my computer) and you have to either reconnect it or run “usb mode” tool again. I hardly managed to copy few files once in 5 attempts. Also, Ethernet-RNDIS refuses ftp connection to (WSAECONNREFUSED). Telnet works, /var/log/messages has no info about ftp connection. ccdoom and wolf3d both work perfectly, no more caching lag on doors, crashes or reboots at all. regba’s tony hawk feels like 60fps fluent.


  5. #5parsec, 12 Oct 2020

    thanks for all your work! but where i can find a guide? in my rs90 i have the lie “obtain data files from usb” how can i do?