We have nighties

For a few days now, we've had nightly builds of OpenDingux. Not exactly nightly, as they are not built once a day, but every time new commits are pushed.

This is a big deal; that makes it so much easier for non-devs to follow closely what's being done in the latest OpenDingux. It is particularly interesting for GCW-Zero users, which have been stuck with a 2014-era firmware for so long now, and can now update to something a bit more recent. This also allows us to get much more feedback on the current state of things, as well as bug reports.

The other important bit is that the GCW-Zero build now also supports the RG-350 and the RG-350M handhelds, so you can test the latest OpenDingux on these handhelds too.

As for what's new compared to the old 2014-era firmware, I will write a blog post soon with an in-depth review of all the changes that have been made for the last 6 years.


I cannot stress more that the nightly builds are alpha quality and I cannot be held accountable for any damage caused to your handheld, your data, or yourself. If you're lucky it may not eat your data, but make a backup before updating, just in case.

As for functionalities, don't expect a fully-working build. A lot of work is yet to be done, and a lot of games don't run and will need to be adapted.

Download links

The latest OpenDingux nightly builds can be found at this permalink:

Note that the toolchains are not uploaded there. The latest RS-90 toolchain will still work on the nightly RS-90 builds. For the GCW-Zero build, the latest toolchain can be found here.