OpenDingux release 2019.05.17

Just a small update to tell you I made a small update to the OpenDingux firmware for the RetroMini.


  • V3.0 boards should be supported now. Run flash_v30.bat on Windows or on Linux to flash the device.
  • It is now possible to change the brightness level from within the settings panel.
  • The DMA is used for SD card transfers now, so these should be a bit faster.
  • The battery level should be a bit more accurate now.

Download links

The update OPK can be downloaded here: OpenDingux update OPK

For those who did not flash already, an updated flasher can be downloaded here: Flasher tool download


  1. #1Jutleys, 17 May 2019

    Works well good update guys.


  2. #2ChampionLeake, 17 May 2019

    Sweet! Great to see the brightness ontrol is now implemented into gmenu2x. Thanks a lot guys. You rock!


  3. #3Ninoh-FOX, 18 May 2019

    the new uzImage not work in my rs90 (v2.1) but with the previus uzImage work fine.


  4. #4Ninoh-FOX, 18 May 2019


  5. #5Jay, 18 May 2019

    I flashed the retro mini and connected the device with computer by USB cable.My Windows recognized a new device called “RNDIS/Ethernet” and could not find and install the driver.Could you please tell me what driver would be the right one for above network device ? Thanks !:)


    1. #5.1pcercuei, 21 May 2019 (Reply to Jay)

      I don’t use Windows myself, sorry - maybe ask on the dingoonity forums.


  6. #6Georgy, 18 May 2019

    Cool! My retromini which was seem to be bricked is now alive! Huge thanks! I haven’t checked if it’s actually V3 mb, but as the previous version failed for me I just picked V3 flasher and now everything works!


  7. #7Ultra Boomer, 18 May 2019

    The brightness change is a welcome addition, although my battery readings work as crap. How can I identify which is my version? Mine says Samsung 122


    1. #7.1pcercuei, 21 May 2019 (Reply to Ultra Boomer)

      Well, if you tried to flash with the v21 script and it didn’t work, then you have v3.0.


  8. #8Brazilian boy!, 19 May 2019

    Thanks for the new firmware, you are my hero! By the way, there are fba.opk running in this system?


  9. #9Grenouille, 20 May 2019

    Hi, I’ve had a problem updating opendingux on my RS90. Basically, it was flashed with the previous version of opendingux you’ve made weeks ago. Everything was fine. I wanted to update to this new version, so I plugged the device on my PC (in USB), turned it on while pressing A, and launched the v21 script (like I did the first time). Something must’ve gone wrong during the process because now, the screen won’t turn on (the green and charging LED are on though). Now, when I retry to flash, the flash script (v21 or v30) output those lines:

    Found Ingenic JZ4750 based device Uploaded 1496 bytes at address 0x80000000 Waiting for stage1 bootloader to complete operation… Uploaded 4327760 bytes at address 0x81000000 Uploaded 8627 bytes at address 0x81420950 Operation complete. Detecting OpenDingux… Found Ingenic JZ4750 based device Unable to send open: -7 Unable to send open: -7 Unable to send open: -7 Unable to send open: -7 Unable to send open: -7 Unable to close!

    I am not a genius, but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t smell good. Any thing I can do to try to fix my device? I’m on Linux Ubuntu 18.04. Thanks for the amazing work anyway! :)


    1. #9.1pcercuei, 21 May 2019 (Reply to Grenouille)

      Why didn’t you just run the update OPK? … You didn’t have to reflash just to install the latest update.

      When you try to flash it does the flasher appear on the screen? What you could do - just flash the old firmware and then run the update OPK.


    2. #9.2Grenouille, 21 May 2019 (Reply to Grenouille)

      Hi, and thank you for your time. Nothing on the screen when I try to reflash, it stays black and does not light up. I also tried re-flashing the old firmware. I got the exact same output I posted from the terminal :/


    3. #9.3pcercuei, 21 May 2019 (Reply to Grenouille)

      Looks like the flasher software is properly uploaded to the device but it does not start properly. At this point for me it’s hard to guess what’s going wrong.


  10. #10Alexvaho, 25 May 2019

    When will a new version come out?


    1. #10.1pcercuei, 29 May 2019 (Reply to Alexvaho)

      When there’s stuff worthwhile to be included in an update.