OpenDingux release 2019.06.01

Another month, another update.


  • Added USB mass storage mode (MTP). Finally, you can transfer your apps other files without any specific software! Use the 'USB Mode' app in the settings tab to revert to the Ethernet-over-USB mode that was the default in the previous versions of the firmware.
  • Added 20 MiB of in-RAM compressed swap (zram). This will permits some RAM-hungry apps to start, although with a performance hit vs. those who don't require swap.
  • Switched from mdev to udev, which fixes some issues, like the automounting of SD cards.
  • The brightness setting is now preserved across reboots.
  • And most importantly, the cow is back. Those who used to develop for OpenDingux on other devices will understand.

Download links

The update OPK can be downloaded here: OpenDingux update OPK.
Be careful that you must have at least 25 MiB of internal storage before running the update.


  1. #1Georgy, 01 Jun 2019

    Nice! Thanks! With this update I can now play ridge racer on pcsx4all-20190524. Is it okay to remove ‘rootfs.squashfs.bak’ if everything works as supposed? What’s the ‘cow is back’ meaning and should the new developers care on it? Do I need any toolchain updates (since ‘2019.04.30’ post) if I plan to compile something? Is it possible to cross-compile with msys for windows?


    1. #1.1pcercuei, 01 Jun 2019 (Reply to Georgy)

      While you can remove the rootfs.squashfs.bak file, it’s protected so you can only remove it by connecting through telnet or SSH. And even though I’d advise against it.

      When you will see ‘the cow’ you will understand.

      You don’t need a new toolchain. Use the 2019.04.30 one.

      About msys / windows, I never did that, so you’re on your own.


    2. #1.2Georgy, 01 Jun 2019 (Reply to Georgy)

      Thanks. I suspect cowsay used somewhere in the firmware. :)


  2. #2Ninoh-FOX, 01 Jun 2019

    work great!!! this kernel work finally in my v21, thanks!!!!


  3. #3s z, 08 Jun 2019

    thank you soo much amazing job really you saved us from this FTP softwares thank u again for all the amazing effort so soon i will donate to your amazing job to keep contuine the great effort


  4. #4Aco, 08 Jun 2019

    Hi and thanks for your efforts.

    But how do I like the emualtor that was copied to my sdcard? I couldn’t find any options for that or did I miss something?


    1. #4.1pcercuei, 10 Jun 2019 (Reply to Aco)

      Make sure the files are in OPK format, and are for the Retromini. Then just copy them in the “Apps” folder, and they should automatically appear in the menu.


    2. #4.2Aco, 10 Jun 2019 (Reply to Aco)

      Thanks I managed to get some emulators :)

      Where do I need to put the update opk (in apps as well?)


    3. #4.3pcercuei, 14 Jun 2019 (Reply to Aco)

      Well, it’s an app, so put it in Apps, yes.